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  • 2020年03月31日Zhejiang Huzhou: Chunlai Jiangnan paper kite flying source: March 09,2020 09:06 children flying kites. Wang Zhengjiao recently, in Huzhou Deqing County, thousands of acres of land reclaimed rape fields, volunteers led the children to fly kites. In recent days, the local through the development of online \"cloud classroom \", offline outdoor classes and other activities to cultivate children love nature, ecological protection awareness. (Wang Liwei)
    jdb幸运龙The film \"Hua Mulan\" is based on the 1998 Disney cartoon adaptation of the same name, the story of Hua Mulan dressed as a man, acting for his father to join the army, brave battle Huns. After a year-long global audition in 2017, disney film identified chinese actor liu yifei as huamlan. The film is produced by Walt Disney film company, Niki Carroll director, Liu Yifei, Zhen Zidan leading the starring, Gong Li, Li Jet special role. Since july last year, the \"huamlan\" posters began to spread in the country, starring liu yifei is the focus, from time to time brush a wave of stills, the heat has not been in the long run.2020-03-31 20:49:33
    2020年03月31日 The eighth ward of the Eastern Hospital of Wuhan University People's Hospital is du Fujia's \"battlefield \". Du Fujia in the eighth ward, the treatment of most of the new crown pneumonia patients. Du Fujia said that in the past in the emergency department, life-saving is the first, now still need to pay attention to the psychology of patients.